A Long Time Coming

Here we are in mid March with a lot to update you on. As I sat down to write this post I of course looked back on the previous posts to see how much catching up would need done and it is a lot. So I will try to quickly catch everyone up with as many photos as possible!

After one of the worst experiences of my life, AKA hanging drywall, we painted and then started in on cabinets! I had never built cabinets before so my Dad helped tremendously here. After he and I built the main cabinets in the kitchen, I was able to complete the stairs, bar and bathroom cabinets with help from a few friends.


The bar/dining counter is on the left with the kitchen cabinets making an appearance on the rightmost portion of each picture. Oh and the hardwood floors make their first appearance.

Our couch came, so I sat on it. It’s a really cool couch! Oh and my friend Bob delivered it, that was a great surprise as I hadn’t seen Bob in about a year.IMG_0907


The hardwood floors in the above cabinet photos were are first official Tiny House purchase over a year ago. I found them one day at Habitat for Humanity Restore where they had been donated after being removed from another house during a remodel. My Dad happened to be in Bend so he stopped by and confirmed that we were getting a sweet deal so we made the Tiny House official with that first purchase!

Since December we’ve painted, stained, built cabinets, made phone calls about stoves not showing up and refrigerator doors needing replaced, been denied parking places by unfortunate neighbors, sanded for hours and hours on hardwood floors. It’s been stressful, it’s been enlightening, it has been a truly incredible process. Through this project we have grown as individuals and as a couple in many ways. I never considered myself a patient man, but put me to work on my house and I will stick with a project through each and every agonizing, back breaking, rewarding moment until it is finished the way it should be.  Hannah has continued to work through the most difficult (and rewarding) season at her job during the day, and come home to paint, trim, stain, sand, plane and any number of jobs I can throw at her in the evenings and every day off with little to no complaints. And through all of it we have only gown closer. Building our home has been an unimaginably rewarding experience that we will never forget and has changed us for the better in so many ways. Here are some photos of what we’ve been doing!

Our wood stove is ridiculously tiny and heats our house in an instant. We have a propane on demand water heater, and propane stove from an old RV that works incredibly well. We have a reading nook. We were able to build a wine rack from an old post I bought several years ago at a second hand store. The door slides on our bathroom door were made by a friend of mine and local artist Chris Cole – www.chriscoledesigns.com. Our window and door trim holds special meaning in the way I designed it after some of the trim at Five Pine Resort in Sisters where we spent our second anniversary. Things are coming together quite well at this point.

The Tiny House is nearing completion now and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We have found a spot to park it and call home that we are quite hopeful will work out as our initial plan fell through. Updates will follow as we move the house and settle in.


11 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming

  1. What an amazing story and the results are so cool. I hope to see it sometime and get a feeling of all the work you and Hannah put into it. Have you decided to give her or him a name? I think iywould be fitting if you have not already done that.
    I am in PDX until tomorrow and hope to see you at the shop soon.

    Be well,

    Gary B.


    1. Thank you Gary! We haven’t named it yet, but are working on finding a fitting name. We will certainly have you over to see it soon, and hope to have it parked at a spot we found in Bend some time this spring! – Cory


  2. I am so impressed with your Tiny House. You guys have done such an amazing job. I Feel warm and cozy just looking at the pictures. Look forward to seeing it someday!
    Aunt Nean


  3. “our couch came so I sat on it” just cracked me up completely! I love watching the progress…from afar! I’m still painting my apartment (two years!) so I admire your stick-to-it-ness. As for names I’ve always loved “Sursum Corda” which was the name of a house I read about in a book a gazillion years ago.


  4. Hi there! We were planning on building and living in a tiny house and were wondering, “How much did you end up spending, after the dust settled?” You had posted that you planned on not getting a mortgage and spending $18,000; were you able to stay within that budget? We would really prefer to not take out a mortgage.

    Thank you for your time!


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