Insulation and drywall

Well, it’s been a month since I last updated the blog, so we certainly have some progress to show! We insulated our walls and ceiling, installed our drywall, painted our walls and are now working on the bathroom.

Insulation is not a very glamorous or enjoyable job. However, it was neat to walk into our house once the insulation was finished, our house is now quiet and warm- a new experience for us!



Since the wheel wells are inside our house, we had to build insulated boxes around them. One side will be completely hidden within our kitchen cabinets, the other side will be more of a foot rest while sitting at our kitchen bar (shown above).


We thought insulation was a pain… well that is only because we hadn’t yet installed drywall :/ In our initial design we had planned to have shiplap siding painted white for our internal walls. However, after further thought, we decided the seams between each board would create walls a bit more busy that we wanted. After researching (and confirming) drywall is a realistic option for our tiny house, we ended up going with ultra-light 1/2 inch drywall and we are really happy with how it turned out.


Below you can see we still have exposed insulation below the short loft. We are creating a barn wood accent wall for this portion of the wall.



The wall color we ended up choosing is called Honey Milk. White walls with the dark wood accents create the clean, yet warm look we were hoping for.image

Installing two of our kitchen lights. And if you closely you can see on the right our bathroom wall which is our alder wood installed horizontally and then painted for another accent wall in our kitchen.


We may have insulated a bit too well 🙂 Even when its single digits outside our house is super cozy inside and when working we often are opening up a window or two. Thankfully our house is  warm and we have a lot of windows that can open!


And just because the first snow of the season is always awesome…


We are now working on installing the shower. The pan is built up about 8 inches off of the ground to allow for our grey water piping. The walls will be built with corrugated metal so we installed Tyvek paper behind for any condensation that may occur with the metal.


The corrugated metal! As you can see the rest of our bathroom walls have not been finished. We are finishing these walls with wood (vs. drywall) and will finish them after the shower.


Up next…

We are finishing up the shower and then we can finalize our plumbing. The next week we are hoping to built the stairs to the loft and start working on our kitchen cabinets!


4 thoughts on “Insulation and drywall

  1. I remember (oh man I sound OLD) when your folks’ house looked just like this with the exposed insulation, and I was the one installing the insulation. Argh, what a terrible job that was! Your house looks so snug and cozy now! How many colors did you have to consider before choosing honey milk? (I ask because I have 27 paint sample cans before I settled on Montgomery White for my kitchen!)


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