Siding and lofts!

Our siding is nearly complete and our two lofts have been built! The siding ended up taking a bit longer than we anticipated, but the final product is so much better than anything we had imagined! Our siding was taken from a house that was undergoing a remodel with all the cedar set to be thrown away. For a couple weeks Cory would go out to the job site, load up the siding, bring back to Redmond where we cleaned up each board (brushed, sanded and cut off bad ends). We then stained the raised portion of the board (the boards started out the lighter stain you still see in the channels, but we decided the two-toned board gave it a little something extra).

Cory and Scott working on the siding the front


Working on the back side of our home, cutting around the wheel wells


working up the back side



The front of our home with all the siding completed (we will finish the siding around the door once installed). And… I think we missed our window of opportunity to paint our green bathroom window brown to match the others. I have the paint all set to go, but the temperatures have to be around 60 for this paint… and that ship has sailed. Oh well, it will be a fun project next spring when Cory and I are twiddling our thumbs because we don’t have a house to build in our free time any more 🙂image

The back side of our home…


Next awesome thing Cory was hard at work on… the lofts!

Here is the beginning of our bedroom loft, it is 11 1/2 feet long and a little under 8 feet wide and I love it!


The bedroom loft completed. You can see the cut out on the right where the stairs will go up the side wall


The underside of the loft with the kitchen window below. We haven’t decided if we are going to sand down the alder decking  between the beams and keep natural or paint white. We figured we will live in it as is until we decide what we want to do. Easy enough.


Our second loft! This photo is taken from under the bedroom loft in the kitchen. The second loft is just 32″ deep and we will build walls on half of the loft to use for storage (off-season clothes, camping gear, etc) and the other half will be a little reading nook (next to the window).


Our kitchen is done! 🙂 We decided with spending so much time inside our house now we needed a little counter top to put our plans on and then obviously a place to make coffee so Cory built this in oh, about 90 seconds. It works great!


This past weekend Cory, Jessie and I all spent our first night in our new home. It is still basically glorified camping at the moment, but to wake up in our loft was so fun! Oh, and now you can see the second loft a little better.image

You may have picked up in some of the photos that we have electrical wiring throughout our walls….because we now have electricity!!!  This was a major feat and is so great to be able to work in the evenings inside and just flip on a switch for lights!

So if you want to come over… we will have our front porch light on for you 🙂


Up next- building the bathroom wall, plumbing and then insulation!


5 thoughts on “Siding and lofts!

  1. Wow, this is very very cool. You two have worked hard. It must be thrilling and very satisfying to have your tiny house, with reading nook (excellent feature) all cozy for winter. Thanks, Cory, for giving me your blog link. I’ll keep an eye on you two from now on.


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