Drying in the house

I apologize for the delay in posting our progress, we have been quite busy working on drying in our home before the weather turns.

Before we get into house pictures I have to share this one of our beloved forester carrying fascia boards home from the lumber yard. Is there anything a forester can’t do?!


We finished putting up OSB sheets, added rafters, fascia and roofing sheets. Quickly our home went from transparent to opaque 🙂

front sheeting 2


Below is sadly the only picture we have of the completed sheathing before we started putting up the house wrap, but I’m sure you get the idea.

complete sheet

Next up, wrapping the house and putting windows in! Cory has been collecting house wrap over the past several months, most of which came from the window cut outs of another home. The window scraps were in a garbage bag set for the trash, so I think its pretty cool we were able to cover so much of our house in garbage 🙂

The first evening we realized we were ready to install windows we decided to only wrap the house to window height- we couldn’t wait to install a couple of windows.

Below, Scott and Cory are installing our favorite window with Jessie watching the progress. This is our bar window, it spans the length of our kitchen counter/bar that doubles as our dining room table.

Bar window install

The double crank out windows are just the best!

front windows open

Here is the completed front of the house- living room windows on the right, kitchen bar window in the middle and the bathroom window on the left

House wrapped

The inside view through the kitchen bar window

bar window inside

The back side of the house with the living room window on the far left up high, the kitchen oven/sink window on bottom and our bedroom loft crank window up high on the right.

back wall windows

We are now working on siding the house which was yet another pleasant surprise in our quest for reusing materials. The cedar siding we scored comes from a home remodel that again was set for trash.  Once we have a bit more done I will post some of the pictures!



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