And the walls go up

What.a.weekend. Cory and I had hopes of finishing the two end walls by the end of the weekend and we were able to finish three! I spent the first day finishing up the subfloor, securely fastening the subfloor to the trailer with about 200 metal screws. We had a lot of fun taping down our floor plan to the subfloor, the first time we were really able to ‘see’ our home exactly where things will be. We were able to build the two end walls on the floor of the trailer and then raise them up (as you would for a typical home). The side walls however are a different story. Because these walls are so large (11’6″ tall, 24′ long) and we have to build up and over the wheel wells it is not possible to build these walls on the ground and them raise them up. Our solution? Build the wall stud by stud. Cory and I were so thankful to have Scott help direct us on this wall as the window and wheel well placement added significant complexity to the wall design.

  1. As we were finishing up insulating the trailer we realized we were about a square foot shy of insulation, not enough to warrant purchasing another bag. So… Cory went around the side of the house and found this.. and yes, we finished insulating our trailer with spud (RIP).



2. First wall up. This was a really exciting moment as we have been looking forward to this day for many months. We are actually building our home!


3. Both walls up to finish out the day.IMG_1903

4. Below you will see the progression of building the wall from left to right. I am impressed all over again looking at these pictures.






5. And now we have three walls complete! We are so excited and happy with how quickly the walls went up. It has been so fun to now stand at the kitchen sink window- I no longer have to just visualize our home, it actually exists 🙂

6. Happy


7. Lastly, while I was on a run in the morning Cory went to a coffee shop downtown and came home with this little gem. Our first home decoration!


COMING UP: This next week we are planning to finish the fourth and final wall. Our goal is still to be dried in by the end of the month and we are right on track!



8 thoughts on “And the walls go up

  1. So long Spud McKenzie… you were a good stuffed dog and I’ll think of you when I visit that corner of the Tiny-Tanler house.

    Plus, my favorite pic so far (besides you two smiling in your new house) is Dad and Cory with their matching tool belts 🙂


  2. So exciting. We lived in an 8 foot by 45 foot home when Kenny and Cathy were babies until They were 8 and 9 years old. When Patty was on the way we decided to buy a house. I have to say we functioned very fine in that small space. Can hardly wait to see your tiny house and meet your new nephew. I am wondering what the dimensions of your tiny house will be?


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