Christmas time

The best time of the year! For those that have not yet heard, we bought our own little slice of the forest this fall and have settled in quite comfortably. We have been making a few final touches to the tiny house too including finishing our kitchen shelving, yay! The first snowfall of the season is… Continue reading Christmas time

We’ve arrived!

We have arrived. Literally and figuratively. This past weekend we made the {white-knuckled driving} trek from Redmond to our planned spot in Bend. There has been a lot of excitement coupled with a bit of nervousness  in anticipation of this day. To take a trailer that had not moved since we strategically added roughly 10,000 pounds… Continue reading We’ve arrived!


Over the last two weeks we have finished framing the fourth wall and have made good progress on wall sheathing. However, we did not arrive at this spot without any long days or hiccups. Long days for Cory building the fourth wall entirely himself. Calculating, measuring, cutting, leveling, nailing, repeat.  Hiccups today (which is our… Continue reading Progress